Hong Kong’s Happy places

Disneyland is one of the happy places in Hong Kong Lantau Island. But aside from it, Ngong Ping Village 360 with its foggy atmosphere is also a happy place.

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Going to Ngong Ping Village isn’t as hard as 9 times 8. You can take the Tung Chung train going to the area. Once you reach the station, a cable car will then lead you to the destination. Tickets are available upon riding the trolley. Make sure that the weather is good. It’ll be a good sign to visit the place.
As we went to the place, fog is covering the whole town. It’s better to roam around the place with a sunny weather and not the gloomy one. I suggest that you check the climate first before heading to your journey.

The fog is slightly bothering us since we can’t see the natural beauty of the place clearly. We can’t even see the Big Buddha which is one of our highlight in going to the village. Despite the bad timing,  we still enjoyed the not-so-freezing temperature of the place and took some “instagrammable” photos.
Souvenirs from the place were quite expensive so we didn’t bother to buy some. But, it still depends on you whether you purchase items or not.
You don’t have to worry looking for some place to eat since there are lots of restaurants that are affordable and cheap. American foods are also available.


Half of our day, we spent it in the happiest place on Earth- Disneyland.
Taking pictures here and there with our lovable Disney characters was an unforgettable experience. Indeed, a great place to reminisce about our favorite Disney movies that we’ve wanted to watch over and over again!

Try all the rides and you’ll really enjoy your day. Give your best shot to capture the best souvenirs (memories) with the ones you’re with.
Don’t forget to join the Disney stars ending show before the Park closes and watch the most creative fireworks of the Island.




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