Sky Terrace 428

Do you have an extra time in visiting Hong Kong? Do you want to take a tour at the highest peak terrace in Central?

The most popular and talked about Victoria Peak can be seen in Central, Hong Kong. At around 74$ (well, not exactly 74$ because you can use your octopus card when riding the Peak Tram which is the only accessible transportation in going to the peak), you can ride the tram and enjoy the angelic views of the whole island.


As you go up there by the tram, you’ll really feel like you’re in a roller coaster ride like you’re stomach would hurt so much especially, when you look at the views outside. Feels like the world has turned upside down and there you are sitting down the tram waiting for your arrival in Victoria Peak.

The land isn’t just a typical terrace. As we got there, we arrive safely and we went inside the mall. I never expected that such perspectives were made uniquely.


Wore my favorite boots which was purchased online (@squash_clothing) and I find it very comfortable while I matched my white polo shirt with my black leggings. Haven’t prepared that much for my quality time there.

Sky Terrace 480 was one of the most incredible breathtaking atmosphere I ever stayed. Tourists usually contemplate here with their matching iPods and headphones given by the staffs as you enter the terrace. There, you can see the structural buildings and architectures of the entire city. Though it was kinda cold and cloudy, you can still see its hidden beauty.


I was so ignorant in their telescope and I thought I can see something. And then I realized, how can I see a thing if it’s too cloudy? Dope actions I know.


It is really a great place to chill and forget all your problems in life.

If you’re a night life lover, it’s better that you go there at night or like 5 pm. Sadly, we went home early cause we got tired and we’ve got other agenda for the next day.


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